Crisscross Suede Sandals FiveSeventyFive White Strap 8dfwa6q7
FiveSeventyFive's crisscross-strap sandals are crafted in Italy of white smooth leather. Free of embellishment, this effortless style features wide vamp straps and a leather footbed for comfort. Open toe. Wide crisscross vamp straps. Slips on. Lined with leather. Leather footbed. Leather and rubber sole. Available in White. Made in Italy.

Crisscross Suede Sandals FiveSeventyFive White Strap 8dfwa6q7

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Sandals FiveSeventyFive Crisscross White Suede Strap


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Our headquarters is in Houston, Texas, a hotbed of Tex-Mex cuisine. Drawing upon our rich culinary culture, we are pleased to offer an outstanding array of Tex-Mex products through our Reserva® brand. Designed for superior performance in the kitchen and on the plate, our products consistently outperform the competition. Our pre-trimmed fajita products will cut down on your “Back of the House” labor costs because they are “grill ready,” requiring no trimming, tenderizing, or preparation time. Reserva® products will also improve cooked yields, further lowering your overall food cost. Chefs and restaurant operators love the Reserva® line for its noteworthy quality and value, while diners love these fajitas for their unique Tex-Mex flavor and tender texture.

Our Reserva® fajitas are now available in beef, chicken, and pork varieties. We offer these products in two ways: pre-seasoned in our Reserva® flavor profile, which is an authentic blend of Tex-Mex spices; or “Y.O.U.R.” (“Your Own Unique Recipe”), which is tenderized without flavor or seasonings, making the product a blank canvas upon which you can impart your own recipe of marinades of dry rubs.

Reserva® products are also available for Carnitas, Pastors, Guisadas, Asadas, Skillet Fajitas and Street Tacos.

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